Corporación Tak generates high quality levels, from a foundation of which we have the consciousness that quality is much more than the size or color of our products, much more than on-time deliveries, much more than the right packing.

To us, quality represents the responsible actions for our community, our society and the environment in which we are developing. It represents a life style that every day seeks the integral improvement of our Corporation. We are a business group with social responsibility, interested in the well-being of our employees, and for this reason we make sure to enforce their labor rights, their access to health care, and even foster the schooling of their children.

As a consequence of this philosophy being applied to our work, we are MPS-ECAS certified, which not only rewards the quality and reliability of our products and the good labor relationships, but the natural processes that we apply to our products as well. MPS are certifications that guaranty the lowest possible use of energy, fertilizers, crop protection products and waste (MPS-ABC certificate). They also include the qualification that guarantees that the products are reliable, safe and of good quality (MPS-quality certificate). In addition, they certify, that the production has been realized under the appropriate labor conditions, according to the agreements governed by the International Labor Organization (MPS-Social certificate). Corporación Tak abides by all these levels, which credit our integral quality.