It all started in 1987, when some of our partners came up with the idea to cultivate and export ferns world-wide and become one of the biggest producers and exporters in America

The same year the first project started, the company named Agroferns, on whose grounds the cultivation of Leather Leaf initiated. Five years later two new companies were added: Tropicultivos and Helechos y Flores Imperiales; established especially to speed up the growth of the corporation. In 1994 the operation of Leather Leaf grows through Ornamentales Montana; this company allows the duplication of the production and an even more accelerated growth.

1997 came and Proyecto Costa Sol developed, which duplicated its productive area in 2001. By 2002 Corporación Tak already had more than 500 acres, distributed over 10 farms. The year 2005 marked another historic moment; the expansion of borders, by establishing an alliance with Grupo Tefex, allowing the creation of 2 more farms, with an extension of 150 acres. Corporación Tak thus consolidated as being the producer group of ferns with major dimensions and coverage in Central America. The future sketches new successes and bigger growth for the corporation.