At Corporación Tak we continuously innovate, investigating and investing in high technology to systematize methods and processes, controlling production and optimizing quality. This allows us to provide our clients with products and services with a high added value; as well as offer to the worldwide markets demands and assure on-time deliveries, with a non-show of almost 0%.

Thanks to our founder, who has a powerful conviction, as well as a great knowledge of Guatemalan nature and in particular, an absolute conviction to accomplish a dream; we have obtained the necessary efficiency to automatize every detail of the labor-productive chain. Today Corporación Tak has the capacity to not only do the things right, but to share the fruits of its work, especially with our clients, friends and employees.

In Tak we distinguish ourselves because of the human consciousness that we run our company with; our over 2,000 employees have real possibilities to grow, the same way our corporation has done steadily. Thanks to the fact that we agree on a community objective; i.e. of growing together, taking care of our company together.

In this context also appear in a very special manner, our clients, their trust and permanence, which allow us to maintain a relationship of creative proximity, which translates in continuous feedback. Therefore, we always manifest our gratefulness and joy of counting with them as an invaluable part of the human capital of our company.

From all the above, we can state, that Corporación Tak possesses a Different Business Concept.