For our company is important to thrive in the smart use of resources while giving our greens the highest quality. Therefore, as part of our strategy, we are constantly improving to make this happen. 

We manage certifications such as Rainforest Alliance, MPS-ABC, and MPS-GAP on our farms. Assuring our clients, we have efficient use of resources and smart management of our wastes to provide them with our lovely greens while taking care of nature.

Acquiring MPS-ABC certification guarantees quality and sustainability for our products. MPS-ABC was created by Dutch growers in the floricultural industry to create more value and become more sustainable. This certification is a monitoring tool that gives us feedback to control the use of resources and their impact on the environment,  providing a way of making our processes demonstrable, measurable, and transparent.

MPS-GAP certificate shows our commitment to good agricultural practices by complying with traceability, environmental, crop protection products, and recall procedures according to FSI standards. Both MPS certifications are based on the FSI initiative (Floricultural Sustainability Standards), an initiative that strives to improve practices and lead in positive change toward sustainable production and trade of flowers and plants.