It all started 1987 when Alfredo Mirón arrived at a farm on a highway to Mataquescuintla, in San José Pinula, Guatemala and filled his lungs with the local air. He knew that he had found the site to plant Leatherleaf. He looked for his founding partners Ralph Faircloth and Archie Baldocchi, both of them shared the same values and ideals which got them starting a project that would change lives in the industry for more than 35 years.

Back then, it was just the dream of a businessman who, with the help of his partners, impressive tenacity, hard work and a great desire to do things right, managed to get a few blocks to grow ferns. It would soon grow to a few hectares production site and today, TAK GLOBAL is the world's largest foliage grower around the globe with over 600 hectares, with multiple farms and operations in four different countries. 

TAK GLOBAL is well known as a company that has always had at heart, taking care of their employees with fair payment and a dignified treatment. Established since our inception by Mr. Mirón, this has translated into a happy and stable workplace with more than 2,000 employees making up the TAK family.

As a world reference in green foliage with the capacity to produce over 1,000 containers a year, TAK GLOBAL is committed to keep providing it´s employees the opportunity to grow, to strive for innovation and have the highest quality standards to be the best ally for the floral industry.